Calming Stores

Six Stores that Calm Me!

In Order of Preference:

1. Anthropologie (Greenwich, CT location).  In each store I feel as if I am transported to a European locale.  The eclectic finds within the store just energize me and make me feel so happy with life’s little surroundings. 2. Starbucks(r)Wine Bar (Seattle, WA).  The perfect pairing and the location on Olive Street even has a balcony. It was a very charming experience to be there.  Group with friends or alone a glass of wine at an already comfortable Starbucks local can just make you sooooo happy. 3. Henri Bendel (5th Avenue, NYC) What is it about Henri Bendel? It is the classic whimsical charm of atmosphere that hits you as soon as you see its doubled doors.  The familiarity of the Brown and White stripes, yes! The winding stair cases and intimate nooks with windows looking over 5th Avenue, double yes! I have a lot of great memories there, from Tea time on the balcony to just taking my time taking in the scene each step at a time from the lush stairs leading up to every floor.  Only at Bendel is where you are introduced to the most new up in coming designers and makeup Artists. Its where I met and fell in love with Laura Mercier and her line. Ah! Bendel;  4. Portobello Road Market (Notting Hill, UK, London) There is soooo much I can say about Portobello Road markets, but you have to be there to believe it.  Some of my greatest finds were bought there. Simply put it is the perfect Saturday or Sunday morning stroll and if its cold enough you should sip the mulled wine.  Another one of those great UK shopping experiences for those who truly love the trade and antiques; and 5. Montmarte (Paris, France) For me its the combination of the Artist’s and outdoor Creperie’s.  The market is good, but its everything combined not to mention that you are in PARIS! Here is a beautiful painting by Kamil Kubik of the very locale ( I am secret fan of his Art).    6. J. Crew (Greenwich, CT locale). Its the Greenwich locale that is truly my favorite and it is there where I’ve spent “close to the public” or private member shopping events (Greenwich always does things in such style).  The townhouse style shopping is reminiscent of NYC but with the upper suburban feel as you look at the window down at Greenwich Avenue. Ah Greenwich Avenue, one day I need to write a separate entry on my childhood to now adulthood walking those streets – shopping, eating and sipping my beverage of choice. Of course now its a Starbucks(r) in my adult hands.

I am compiling my top list of Calming Locales (stay tuned for that report).

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