Europe Highlights

Coming back from Paris and London was quite heartbreaking.  Not only was I leaving beautiful cities, but also leaving behind my family.  There were some great highlights to my trip and I could not have enjoyed such a rich experience without the time spent with my family.  I laughed in conversation over Tattingers Champagne while reading Paris versus New York. It is an illustrative book that compares New York to Paris in a very obvious way.  It was quite entertaining. A cold cold New Years Day was spent walking around Versailles.  I was quite amazed at how many people after New Years Eve were roaming the outdoor grounds. Even in the frigid weather, the beauty of Versailles still took my breath away.  It was beautiful. Tea was sipped and enjoyed at Mariage-Freres within the Louvre.  Paris is human and it breathes and I think this is why it draws us so much.

While in London we made sure to eat Dim Sum at Ping Pong in Oxford Circus, Indian at Kiplings (Highgate N6). Navigated the sea of people shopping the incredible sales at Zara’s, Selfridge’s and Harrods. Several warm cups of mulled wine was enjoyed while walking down Portbello Road and Sacre-Coeur (Montmarte). There was one evening we stayed at the Hotel Armstrong before we stayed with family in Paris and I have to say I was thoroughly disappointed.  The rooms were tight, dingy and there area had nothing around.  I would not recommend a half hour there.  The walls were paper thin and while initially we just needed a place to lie our heads, it was ever more uncomfortable when in fact I was sick and just desperately needed to good nights sleep.


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